We are an entirely volunteer-run organization, just a group of constituents who got angry, got together, and got to work!

TX21Indivisible members are spread throughout the 21st district, though they are currently most concentrated along the I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin. We currently have active sub-groups in San Antonio and Austin, and active members in Kerrville, and are working on making contacts throughout the rest of the district. Currently we also have functional groups that have presences in both Austin and San Antonio, working on different aspects of this movement. 

Interested in getting involved? Here’s what our groups work on:


This group identifies media contacts at various news outlets (newspaper, radio, and TV) responsible for political reporting. The members establish relationships with the reporters for two purposes: 1) Learning how we can be of assistance to them to make their jobs easier, and 2) Providing them with stories that forward our cause.

At a more tactical level, the media group:

  • creates content for the website as needed
  • publishes press releases
  • sends media alerts
  • Creates and executes media campaigns as needed
  • Creates marketing materials for the group to use


This group is involved in community outreach for purposes of expanding our numbers and amplifying our voice.


This group identifies event opportunities (MOC office visits, town halls, protests, etc) and schedules and moderates TX21 Indivisible planning and working meetings. They also populate events, plan actions and spectacle, and record events for the media team.


This group digs up information to help us be more effective. Examples of needed research are: What bills of interest are in which congressional committees and subcommittees and who do we contact to encourage them to move those bills to a vote on the floor?