We are an entirely volunteer-run organization, just a group of constituents who got angry, got together, and got to work!

TX-21 Indivisible members are spread throughout the 21st district, though they are currently most concentrated along the I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin. We currently have active sub-groups in San Antonio and Austin, and active members in Kerrville. 

Interested in getting involved? Here’s what our members work on:

Constituent Contact

TX-21 Indivisible members work hard to make sure our elected officials know how we feel about the issues–and we call media attention to our efforts. Rather than letting Chip Roy, Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn hide in their offices, issuing bland press releases and pretending to lead, we keep them and their staff members busy listening to our concerns, and answer for their failure to represent our interests. Regular meet-ups for office visits, attendance at official events, letter-writing and newspaper editorial-writing workshops, and postcard parties are posted on our Facebook page and in the Actions Items section of this website.


TX-21 Indivisible members work to register voters (year round) and Get Out The Vote (ahead of primaries, general elections, early voting, and runoffs). We connect with many groups to do this, including county Democratic Parties and various candidates’ volunteer corps. See our page on Getting Out the Vote for more information on how to get involved. 


TX-21 Indivisible members who excel at event planning and organizing find  event opportunities (town halls, protests, etc) and work to make them happen. See our Photo Gallery and the In the News entries on our blog for information on past actions.