Since January 2019, TX-21 residents have tried to explain to Rep. Chip Roy what we value, how we want our government to work, and what we expect from our Representative in Washington. We write letters, we visit and call his offices, and we send letters to the editors of our local papers. Unfortunately, Chip tends to either ignore his constituents, or respond to them dismissively, insultingly, or with long-winded, vague collections of right-wing catchphrases. On this page, we offer a record of the conversations voters are attempting, in good faith, to have with Chip. Should Chip respond to any of them, we will post his replies as well. We have removed identifying information from constituents’ letters to protect their privacy.

Letters FROM Chip: Chip claims that civic engagement tools like ResistBot are contacting him without the sender’s knowledge or permission

A TX-21 resident recently received the following reply from Chip’s office after contacting him via the messaging service ResistBot. In it, Chip makes the ludicrous claim that civic engagement tools like ResistBot are clandestinely sending emails to Congressional offices without users’ knowledge or consent. 

Roy provides no evidence to support his claim that “many” people are “unaware these organizations are using their information to contact Congressional offices.” We are curious to know why he thinks this, and have reached out to his office for clarification.

Letter from Chip Ry's office to a constituent.

Dear Chip: Thanks for Being You

Letter to the Editor, Austin American Statesman, December 27, 2019.

On Preexisting Conditions:

January 8, 2020

Representative Roy,

I have serious issues with your proposed Health Care Fredom bill, but one issue in particular really jumped out at me with your November 1st post entitled: “Republicans must unite around ‘health care freedom.'”

In it, you wrote that your bill would “address the concerns Americans have about pre-existing conditions by fixing the problem before it exists.” After my initial reading, I had to reread it several times as I was simply incredulous as to what you were saying.

Representative Roy, some preexisting conditions are genetic, so how could someone “fix” the problem before it existed? The same goes for conditions that may have come about through unforeseen accidents or illnesses or simply through the natural process of aging.

I am simply dumbfounded that someone in a position of authority could make such a ludicrous and out-of-touch statement with a straight face. In addition, I can’t help but feel sorry for any American who might fall for your obvious flim-flam.

As on so many issues, I look forward to your explanation.

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