Since January 2019, TX-21 residents have tried to explain to Rep. Chip Roy what we value, how we want our government to work, and what we expect from our Representative in Washington. We write letters, we visit and call his offices, and we send letters to the editors of our local papers. Unfortunately, Chip tends to either ignore his constituents, or respond to them dismissively, insultingly, or with long-winded, vague collections of right-wing catchphrases. On this page, we offer a record of the conversations voters are attempting, in good faith, to have with Chip. We have removed identifying information from constituents’ letters to protect their privacy.

In light of Rep. Roy’s recent decision to end the weekly constituent meetings at his Austin office, we are now posting video of our members reading their letters. Though Chip’s staff may not take the time to listen, we know there are others in TX-21 who do care what constituents think.

WATCH: September 9, 2020 FINAL Constituent Letters to Chip

Topics include: Chip Roy’s voting record, Coronavirus response, support for USPS, Trumps attacks on the military, and Roy’s long and disgraceful record of ignoring his constituents, compared to the responsive and respectful nature of TX-21 candidate Wendy Davis’ campaign.

WATCH: September 2, 2020 Constituents Letters to Chip

Topics include: Roy’s silence on gun violence and right-wing militias; Roy aping the Trump party line instead of exercising independent thought; Roy’s claim that he is afraid to come to Austin because of “mob violence,” and advocating running over peaceful protesters; Roy’s abundant, directionless anger; postal delays impacting small business owners; Roy’s self-serving hypocrisy as a “public servant”; Chip’s lack of support for Austin musicians while claiming to be a Texas music fan.

WATCH: August 26, 2020 Constituents Letters to Chip

Topics include: Roy shirking his duty to vote on the USPS funding bill by claiming “back problems”; refusing to respond to constituents’ earlier requests that he state his support for the Post Office; Roy’s climate science denial; constituents receiving no responses from Roy to letters they have sent weeks ago; Roy’s silence as Trump attacks American institutions.

WATCH: August 19, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

Topics include: Coronavirus, US Postal Service, Kinder Morgan pipeline, Senate Russia report, QAnon, Donald Trump and birtherism, Mr Pillow Man, Stella Immanuel, Mail-in voting.

WATCH: August 12, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

Topics include: Coronavirus and COVD denialism, Funding the US Post Office as mandated by the Constitution, ensuring the integrity of the US Census, Trump’s Executive orders, Roy fav Willie Nelson’s opposition to the Permian Highway Pipeline and Chip’s ownership of stock in Kinder Morgan, the company building it.

WATCH: August 5, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

Topics include: Roy’s transphobic insults and actions; Roy’s COVID denial mirrors his climate science denial and the GOP’s attacks on science; Trump’s Axios interview shows his unfitness for office, does Roy support him?; Roy’s lack of compassion for COVID victims and others his policies have harmed; Roy’s policies have made it impossible to safely re-open Texas schools; Roy’s claims that COVID-19 is a “hoax” created by Democrats.

WATCH: July 29, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

Topics include: Roy’s voting history; Roy’s demonization of Democrats; Roy’s attacks on health experts; Roy’s dismal legislative record; Roy’s persistent racism; Roy’s support of Trump in defiance of the rule of law; Roy’s silence on the reports of Russian bounties on the heads of U.S. soliders


WATCH: July 22, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

Topics include: Stop the use of federal forces to support dictatorship; Chip’s undermining of COVID experts like Dr. Fauci; refusal to listen to constituents; failure to protect voters nd election volunteers; blaming the border’s coronavirus crisis on the victims.

WATCH: July 15, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

WATCH: July 8, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

WATCH: July 1, 2020 Constituent Letters to Chip

June 26, 2020: Roy’s Chief of Staff placed on leave for “poor judgment and inappropriate language”

Letters: June 3, 2020

Letters: May 27, 2020

Letters: May 20, 2020

Letters: May 13, 2020

Letters: May 6, 2020

May 9, 2020: TX-21 Constituents Offer Their Words vs. Chip’s

Rep. Chip Roy recently canceled TX-21 Indivisible members’ longstanding weekly office meeting with staffers, saying they took up too much time. In response, we have created much-condensed word clouds that highlight the major themes reflected in our communications with Chip’s staff since January 2019. We have also created a word cloud of Chip’s official utterances, as reflected in the Congressional Record. We believe the contrast between the values reflected in our messages, and those fomented by Chip, speaks for itself. We hope Rep. Roy and his staff will reflect upon  what they might stand to gain if they were to actually listen to what the voters are saying.

January 29, 2020: We paid for your cancer drugs, then you voted against lower drug costs. Pay up.

During our weekly visit to Chip’s Austin office,  we presented his staffer Jason with an invoice for the $33 billion dollars Texans would save under H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which Chip voted against in December. As we pointed out in our letters and comments, Chip owes his constituents a lot. We’re not letting him weasel out of his debts.

February 5, 2020: When will you answer questions about your ownership of Kinder Morgan stock?

Dear Rep. Roy,

Regarding your ownership of stock in Kinder Morgan, listed on page 2 of your Financial Disclosure Report: When will you make a public statement about the conflict of interest created by your stake in a company that is confiscating land from your constituents at below-market prices (see, for example, “Kinder Morgan ordered to pay Hill Country landowners $2.7M as pipeline dispute widens,” Houston Chronicle, August 13, 2019)?

January 22, 2020: Put patients above big pharma

Congressman Roy:

Since you have repeatedly stated that you are in favor of health care reform, I wish to express my continued displeasure for your vote against H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which was sent to the Senate on December 16. I am particularly appalled that a cancer survivor would vote for the pharmaceutical industry and against the needs of cancer patients who, unlike you and me, are not having their health care paid for at public expense. You stated that you are glad that the companies were able to make money, presumably to encourage innovation in this important field. How innovative the recent developments in cancer therapies have been is certainly open to debate. What is not open to debate, however, is the fact that those who cannot afford their medications must simply do without. It is not open to debate that many Americans go without food, shelter, and safety because of medical debt. This results in needless suffering and death among many Americans, including the growing hoardes of workers in the so-called gig economy. It includes minorities and poor whites, even many members of the middle class of all ethnicities. It results in maternal and infant mortality, an issue I would fully expect you to care deeply about since you claim to be pro-life. As a rehabilitation worker, I worked with far too many people who lost their homes and fell into poverty because they dared to become ill or because they had a child with medical needs.

No one believes that innovators in the pharmaceutical industry do not deserve to be fairly compensated for their work and their creativity. But it is time for us to put patients’ rights first, above those of a bloated industry with dozens of highly paid lobbyists who bear lavish gifts to lawmakers and doctors alike. If you cannot prioritize the needs of ordinary citizens over the corporations who are supposed to be serving them, we will elect someone who can.

January 15, 2020: Voters want policy solutions, not invective

Dear Chip Roy:

I’m writing about your recent screed about how “California’s homeless crisis could be migrating to Austin” and “how to tackle it.” Gah! Do you always have to be so nasty? Why don’t you offer some sort of policy solution—or at the very least a bit of compassion? Instead you offer your usual fast-talking, know-it-all parroting of the tired, partisan, anti-city and anti-California talking points of Greg Abbott and Donald Trump. Not to mention exaggerated claims.

Your rhetoric and communication skills are a disgrace to the office. Is this the way you want civil discourse to be carried out? How would you like it if your children’s teachers talked to the students that way?

Click here to read more letters, presented to Chip’s staff at his Austin office.