Cruz in TX21 Next Tuesday!

Repeal and Replace Ted CruzOur US Senator, Ted Cruz, is bestowing his presence upon a few supporters as he jets around Texas on Tuesday, April 3. Here’s information about two events. Get out and make your voice heard! 

From the Indivisible Rosedale Huddle: 6:30 – 8 pm.

We need to mobilize folks *all around town* on Tuesday, April 3 to help us hold 6 banners in response to Ted Cruz and his anti-ACA event in Austin! We need at least 50 PEOPLE to make our presence known at all entrances to this event. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a Rosedale Huddle banner drop, this is a golden opportunity to wave it in Cruz’s face!

IMPORTANT PARKING INFO: Park at 8407 Wall St. – in the highest part of the HHS parking lot at 6:30 PM across from the Cruz event. (Cruz will be at 8606 Wall, Bldg 17, but that lot is private/towing enforced)

Feel free to bring your own signs and noisemakers, too!

From the Boerne Area Democrats: 3:45 – 4:30 pm.

Ted Cruz is flying his private jet into Boerne on Tuesday, April 3 and holding a town hall at La Hacienda Scenic Loop restaurant at 4:30. We are planning to stage a Beto Rally along the highway that leads from the airport to the restaurant. Gathering at 3:45 pm in full Beto gear. Please spread the word and let everyone know! Come join us if you can – it would be great to have about 100 people out there! (See the map below.)


Map for Boerne event:


Support March for Our Lives!

March for our lives

Students across our nation are rallying on Saturday, March 24 to demand that their safety become a priority. It’s called March for Our Lives. Read the mission statement here. As of today, there are 817 marches and rallies planned around the world. Student-led marches and other events are taking place across TX21. Please support the students by participating in one of these events or organize one in your community.

All take place this Saturday, March 24

Austin: 12 pm at Austin City Hall, 301 W 2nd St

San Antonio: 12 pm at San Antonio City Hall, 100 Military Plaza

New Braunfels: 2 pm at Main Plaza, downtown New Braunfels, 500 Main Plaza

Blanco: 12 pm, across Pecan Street from the Courthouse Square on the corner of Pecan and 4th Streets

GOTV and Democratic Values

We’re now past the primary,but in runoffs in many important races, including the TX21 congressional race. Candidates Joseph Kopser and Mary Wilson meet in a runoff on May 22.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

The Hill Country group has put together the attached document, entitled “Canvassing in Red Texas.” It is about their experiences with getting out the vote in the rural counties of TX21, but the basics are applicable to everyone, no matter where you live. We need everyone to participate in the democratic process to win in 2018. Please volunteer with a campaign or with your county Democratic party.

Canvassing in Red Texas

Democratic Values

Whether you identify as a Democrat, or are a reluctant Democrat, the choice in 2018 is clear. If you’re on this email list, you are in it to resist Trump and the Republican administration. The following brief editorial shares some the tenets of the Democratic Party platform.

“The Values of American Democracy,” by TC

“[We] believe democratic government exists to achieve as a community, state, and nation what we cannot achieve as individuals.

“We believe in equal opportunity, fairness, freedom, family, community, and a responsibility to ourselves and each other. These are the values our elders passed down to us, the values we hope to share with our children, and the values we expect from our elected officials.”

This is the opening of the Texas Democratic Party value statement. But does the source of these words matter? These values align with our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and are, therefore, truly American values.

Each paragraph from this statement outlines a unique aspect of our democracy. The first expresses that government is necessary and beneficial for our common good. The exact role of government has been debated from the beginning. Most Americans agree that national defense, taxation, and foreign affairs are necessary governmental duties, but we sometimes differ over other roles government might take.

American innovations such as public school education, the interstate highway system, Social Security, and Medicare have helped to make us a great nation. Through these programs, government has made it possible for America to “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty” as is stated in the preamble to the Constitution. Consider this: would the general welfare be served if public school education was not guaranteed to every child?

The ideas of the second paragraph should require no explanation or defense. We all recognize the statement from the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Most of us have been taught by our parents and teachers to care for and help each other, particularly those who need it most. All Americans have the right and the duty to teach these American values to our children, regardless of political affiliation.

Texas is NOT a red state!

Gallup map

Did you think you’d live to see the day when a national polling organization would declare that Texas is no longer a red state? Check out this article from Gallup about the map you see above.

The implications of this shift in party affiliation, according the article, include the following:

Democrats regained momentum at the state level in 2017, with 10 states showing enough of a shift in residents’ party affiliation to change from a Republican state to a competitive one, or from competitive to Democratic. The 2017 shift was manifested in major Democratic victories in statewide elections in Virginia and Alabama, as well as close losses in congressional districts in Kansas, Montana and Georgia that had traditionally backed Republican candidates.”

But to make electoral victories happen in Texas, we must Get Out The Vote! Remember that Texas has the lowest voter turnout in the nation. We must change that in 2018. Check out our Get Out The Vote resources. We have guides for each county that include contact information for a point person who is a member of TX21 Indivisible. This is your contact to get started. Please leave questions in the comments section.

Why Vote in the Democratic Primary?

People votingHere in TX21, after 30+ years of Republican “representation” under Lamar Smith, we have the once-in-a-generation opportunity to choose a Democrat to represent us.

Voting in the Democratic primary is critical. Yet a phenomenon exists wherein Democrats vote in the Republican primary. One reason given is that doing so represents an attempt to select a “moderate” Republican to run against the Democrat in the general election. Another reason stated is that in TX21’s Hill Country counties, there are often no Democrats running in local county elections.

Daniel Cohen of Indivisible Houston wrote this compelling post about why Democrats must NEVER vote in a Republican primary. This goes for all you Independents too. We are at a critical juncture in our country and our progressive voices must be heard at the polls on primary election day.

Early voting for the primary election starts February 20. Election day is March 6.

WRITE: Here’s an easy guide

Many of us are looking for ways to influence others—not the 30% who are conservative zealots, but Independents and those who are open to hearing new ideas.

One way to do this is to write letters to the editor or to write articles to publish on community blogs or newsletters. This guide from the Center for Community Change provides an easy-to-follow template for crafting an effective letter or article. It suggests we start with our shared values, then clearly differentiate progressive values from conservative values, and espouse a vision.

If you have questions, need assistance, or write something you’d like to see published on this blog, please email it to or leave a comment here.

Cat Yuraka, organizer of Resistance Choir, receives Activist of the Year!


Last night at the TX21 Indivisible Birthday Party, the winner of the Ashley McAllen Activist of the Year Award was selected: Cat Yuraka of San Marcos! Cat is the organizer of the Resistance Choir of South Central Texas. The choir has performed at many TX21 Indivisible rallies and events in Austin, San Antonio, and the Hill Country.

Cat and the choir performed at the Women’s March in Austin on January 20, a performance featured in this video published by the New York Times (at 1.11 minutes). Cat is an activist extraordinaire and demonstrates by her actions that doing something you love brings success and recognition! Congratulations Cat!