Good news…and Get Out the Vote!

What a relief to have some good news in the midst of the constant flood of Republican schemes to take away our rights, our healthcare, and our money. First, Democratic candidates won big races in the elections on Tuesday. Read about it in this article the Washington Post.

Second, the resistance (that’s us!) is acknowledged as a major contributor to the election results. Read about it here.

Third, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has added TX21 to its target list of swing districts for 2018! With Lamar retiring, strong Democratic candidates, and the Republicans scrambling to enter the race, we have a chance to win TX21! Read about it here.

Get Out the Vote!

A key factor in Tuesday’s stunning wins was Getting Out the Vote (GOTV). What is GOTV? It’s contacting people who have voted Democratic in the past few elections and encouraging them to, yes you guessed it, get out and VOTE! Unlike Republicans, who are consistent voters, Democrats tend to NOT vote in every election. GOTV has been proven to work to elect Democratic candidates. It worked in Virginia for this week’s election and it worked for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Check out our own Lynn Kurth talking about TX21 Indivisible’s GOTV initiative, called Work your Circles! It’s easy and everyone can do it. Let’s get started!

Mourn the dead of Sutherland Springs

Moms demand actionOnce again, our country has been rocked by the mass murder of our fellow citizens. This time, it happened close to home, in the small town of Sutherland Springs, 30 miles east of San Antonio.

As progressives, we value human life. So in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, it is appropriate to mourn the dead and the gut-wrenching reality that mass murder has become a regular occurrence in our country.

Vigils are planned for TOMORROW, Wednesday, Nov. 8 in San Antonio and Kerrville. Join your friends and neighbors.

San Antonio

Kerrville: Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 7 pm at the Kerr Co. Courthouse.

Rep. Lamar Smith to retire!

LamarIn case you have not heard, Lamar Smith announced he will retire from Congress at the end of his term in 2018. Yes, it’s true! The Texas Tribune broke the story this afternoon. Read it here.

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music, people!

We may never know exactly why Lamar chose to retire now, but there are theories. Did TX21 Indivisible cause this? Some of our activist organization partners think so. Regardless of whether we were 99% of the reason or 1%, TX21 Indivisible made a difference. You asked questions and raised doubts. You brought your friends, family, and neighbors to visit Lamar Smith’s office. You wore your TX21 Indivisible gear everywhere you went. You organized rallies, and events, and parades. Boy, did you organize!

We’re going to celebrate on Sunday on the Mother of All Road Trips aka Waiting for Lamar. The road trip was planned to mark one year since Lamar held a public event in TX21. The road trip ends at the Pint & Plow in Kerrville (1:30-3 pm). Details and tickets here.

The fight is not over!

So on Monday, here is what we must do:

  1. Continue to resist Lamar Smith and the Trump agenda! Lamar still hates constituents who do not agree with him. He can do a lot of damage in 12 months.
  2. Immediately start examining the records of the most likely candidates for the Republican nomination. Pick one: Donna Campbell, Jason Issac, Kyle Biederman, Joe Strauss, some other Reptilican Trump henchman.
  3. Continue to promote dialog, discussion, coalition building, and community outreach.
  4. Support progressive candidates for District 21
  5. Get Out the Vote!

We believe that Lamar’s retirement levels the playing field for candidates opposed to the Republican regime. We have a real shot at turning TX21 blue. We cannot let up. We will not quit. We will work hard. We will work smart.

Today is a good day! We helped to do this. Congratulations to you all!

TODAY: Meet TX21 candidate Mary Wilson…and Trump’s tax scam

Next weekend marks one year since our so-called “representative” Lamar Smith had a public event in TX21. Unlike that guy, the candidates in the primary to replace him want to meet you and answer your questions! Last, but certainly not least, in our series of candidate meet and greets is Mary Wilson. It’s TODAY!

Meet Mary Wilson

Today, Sunday, Oct. 29, 3pm – 5pm

Hyde Park Bar & Grill, 4521 West Gate Blvd, Austin

Mary describes herself this way:

From a young age, I loved math (I know, that makes me a little geeky). For me, math was always about puzzles to solve, ideas to explore, and creativity. As a math teacher for twenty plus years, it was always my goal to help my students figure out their learning style, so that their creativity and problem solving skills could be maximized. As a minister, I do much the same. The problems are different, but the idea that life problems have solutions, that creativity is a useful tool, and that everyone has a way to think through their situation, is not all that different. As a mathematician and minister, it is my goal to listen to people’s stories, hear their needs, and help them figure out their solutions. I believe it is very important to remember, everyone has a story. We all want to be heard. Listening to one another will be a huge help as we try to find solutions to the needs of our district and country.”

Learn more about Mary here.

Trump’s Tax Scam!

Once again the rubber is hitting the road! The Trump tax scam is moving ahead FAST and we need to move quickly to stop it! CALL CALL CALL CALL this week and next and let Lamar Smith, John Cornyn, and Ted Cruz know that we don’t need more tax breaks for the wealthiest, paid for by cuts to services for everybody else! Learn more here.

Sen. Ted Cruz

DC: 202-224-5922
Austin: 512-916-5834
San Antonio: 210-340-2885

Sen. John Cornyn

DC: 202-224-2934
Austin: 512-469-6034
San Antonio: 210-224-7485
Houston: 713-572-3337

Rep. Lamar Smith

DC: 202-225-4236
San Antonio: 210-821-5024
Austin: 512-912-7508
Kerrville: 830-896-0154
Fax: 202-225-8628

Resistance getting you down? Wondering what’s next? Get Out the Vote!

Resisters! What can we ALL do next? This is easy and important – simply talk to the progressives you know and help them commit to voting.

TX21 Indivisible’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) initiative is called “Work your Circles.” We are developing GOTV guides for each of the 10 counties in TX21. They provide the info you need. Here is the first batch, with more to come.

GOTV Guide Kerr Co

GOTV Guide Gillespie Co

GOTV Guide Kendall Co

GOTV Guide Comal Co

GOTV Guide Travis Co

GOTV Guide Hays Co

Here’s how to Work Your Circles.

Reach out to your circles of friends and family and talk about their voter registration. Ask if they’re registered. If they’re not, tell them how. Ask if they have moved, changed their name, etc. Any of these changes could cause them to be turned away from the polls.

Most importantly, look them in the eye and get their commitment to vote for progressive candidates. Make them promise. Offer to remind them to vote. Be persistent.

Use this conversation to talk about the election coming up November 7, 2017! Yes, there’s an election coming up and early voting has already started. Offer this Guide to Constitutional Amendments to assist voters.

Nov. 7 Constitutional Amendments

Let’s Work our Circles and elect progressive candidates in 2018!