May 18, 2020: TX-21 Indivisible Endorses Wendy Davis

TX-21 Indivisible is proud to announce that their members have voted unanimously to endorse Wendy Davis to represent Texas’s 21st District in the United States House of Representatives.

Just a few of the reasons for our endorsement:

  • Davis will listen to all her constituents with a goal of seeking common ground.
  • Davis will have equitable staffing and office hours at her San Antonio and Austin offices.
  • Davis will put the interests of Hill Country property owners over those of pipeline company Kinder Morgan.
  • In problem-solving, Davis will rely on common sense and pragmatism rather than rigid ideology.
  • Davis will represent us with a steady hand and even demeanor, rather than through rants and histrionics.
  • Davis will work to restore lawfulness in the conduct of governance.
  • Davis will work to protect executive departments from undue political influence and interference from whoever might be president. That would include protections for whistleblowers and inspector generals.
  • Davis will work to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act with the goal of creating a public option.
  • Davis will work to reduce the cost of prescription medications and to ensure protections for pre-existing conditions.
  • Davis will work to keep abortion safe and accessible.
  • Davis will not mock people with disabilities.
  • Davis will fight for sensible gun reforms.
  • Davis will not dismiss or belittle science – whether it be climate, meteorological, medical or any other kind of science.
  • To protect our climate, Davis will work to return the United States to the Paris Climate Accord and support the development of renewable energies.
  • Davis will work to restore protections for our environment.
  • Davis will support legal status for DREAMERs and will work for the creation of comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Davis will work to restore America’s leadership in world affairs and mend relationships with our traditional allies.
  • Davis will not support rash military decisions.

TX-21 Indivisible has always been about the power of people on the ground, in their communities. In that spirit we strongly encourage TX-21 residents to volunteer for and support Wendy Davis as we head toward the November the election.