Trump Tax Scam Roadside Theater!

Roadside Theater

Seventy members of TX21 Indivisible and Indivisible Austin created the Trump Tax Scam Roadside Theater yesterday afternoon outside John Cornyn’s Austin office! Watch it here.

Media coverage included Austin television stations and the front page of the Austin American-Statesman’s Metro section—no small feat! This kind of action and press coverage puts pressure on Cornyn. The machinations to get the awful tax bill passed continue. Read about the latest here.

Congrats to our own AP for another brilliant idea for making resistance fun!

Monday: Trump Tax Scam Day of Action

Trump Tax Scam

A vote on the Trump Tax Scam is expected in the coming week.

Monday is the Indivisible Day of Action to let our Senators hear our voices.

Here’s why you must take action:

Remember our fights to save the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”)? The Trump Tax Scam is the last ditch effort to repeal the individual mandate that is part of the ACA. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the repeal of the individual mandate would result in 13 million fewer Americans being covered by health insurance.

In a letter on Tuesday, groups representing doctors, hospitals and insurers urged congressional leaders to keep the individual mandate in place. The groups, including the American Medical Association and America’s Health Insurance Plans, wrote that “eliminating the individual mandate by itself likely will result in a significant increase in premiums, which would in turn substantially increase the number of uninsured Americans.”

Have you heard about the tax cuts for the middle class? Well, Republicans revealed late Tuesday that all tax cuts for individuals will expire at the end of 2025. The deep cuts in the corporate tax rate will remain permanent.

More bad news. The Trump Tax Scam takes away deductions many middle class families and young people depend upon: student loan interest, mortgage interest, medical expenses, property and sales tax, and teacher school supplies.

Two actions are planned in TX21 on Monday, Nov. 27. Show up. Bring signs.

San Antonio

12 pm – 3 pm

Sit In at Ted Cruz’s Office

Senator Ted Cruz office

9901 W. Interstate 10, Ste. 950


12 pm – 1 pm

Trump Tax Scam Roadside Theater

Senator John Cornyn office

221 W. 6th St.

Looking forward with hope

Colorful cornThis Thanksgiving, let’s look back with gratitude and look forward with hope.

Let’s be grateful for our families, friends, our comfortable homes, and our tables laden with delicious food. Let’s breathe a sigh of relief that we found each other, that we became part of the Indivisible movement, found our voices, and spoke up.

Let’s thank Lamar Smith for giving it up (only a year left to go!). Let’s thank Trump and the Republicans for being so awful that the backlash has already started and will continue in the elections next year.

Let’s learn the lessons of the past election cycle and look forward with hope. Let’s unite to elect smart, compassionate, and progressive men and women.

Let’s dig deep to find new energy and conviction and dare to take new chances in the coming year. I’m dedicating the next year of my life to getting out the vote. How about you? What will you contribute? What gift do you have to give the movement?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Speak up for clean air!


Dirty coal plant

Time is running out to to submit public comments on the proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP). Comments must be received on or before December 15, 2017. This regulation would require measurement and establish sensible caps on CO2 emissions from coal burning power plants and would be administered by each State. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has recommended repeal because he claims it is unnecessary and counter to the economic interests of the United States. Obviously the Trump Administration is ignoring the harmful affects on the environment and the fact that greenhouse gases such as CO2 are accelerating global warming.

You are welcome to use the Sample Comments below as is, or make changes, or write your own comments.

To make comments, go to one of the sites below:

To learn more:

Sample Comments:

The Clean Power Plan must not be repealed. It is absolutely appropriate for the government to establish rules for the amount of CO2 that is released by energy sources, especially coal, as it is the largest emitter of CO2. Regulation is essential because there is overwhelming scientific consensus that greenhouse gases such as CO2 are major contributors to climate change.

Power companies and utilities are primarily motivated by business issues and should not be trusted to self-govern emissions. That would make about as much sense as tobacco companies being expected to self-regulate smoking constraint laws. It is also ineffective for states to regulate. A few states produce the majority of coal used in the US and they have economic and political self-interests to avoid constraints to energy producers and utilities. Yet the actions and inactions of these few states has a disproportionate impact on citizens of other states and the total CO2 production in the nation.

It is expected that negative economic impacts of the Clean Power Plan will be minimized because the utilization of coal as a power source is declining. Just this year (2017), coal plant closures will eliminate 13,600 MW generated by coal. This follows the reduction of 18,000 MW in 2015. Industry and the market are acknowledging that the days of coal as a viable energy source are ending. Any argument that as a result of this trend the Clean Power Plan is unnecessary is specious. There is no way to predict the pace of eliminating coal as a power source or that it will ever be completely eliminated. Further, as the economic viability of coal power continues to decline, energy producers may be compelled to reduce costs and avoid or reduce CO2 emission controls thereby increasing emissions from their coal burning plants.

Finally, the current Republican administration and the EPA administrator have made it clear that they support the continued use of coal, despite all of the negative factors associated with use of coal as a power source and the decline of use due to economic factors. It is equally clear that their support is a matter of politics, not sound public policy. They have made promises to support coal in order to influence voters in coal producing states. They claim to do this out of concern for their economic futures. In fact, this is only a political expediency because they know the economic future of these voters will be determined by market forces that are already reducing the use of coal-produced energy. These voters and our nation will be better served by sensible regulation through the Clean Power Plan, which will reduce CO2 emissions and help to mitigate the environmental and economic damage of climate change.


Good news…and Get Out the Vote!

What a relief to have some good news in the midst of the constant flood of Republican schemes to take away our rights, our healthcare, and our money. First, Democratic candidates won big races in the elections on Tuesday. Read about it in this article the Washington Post.

Second, the resistance (that’s us!) is acknowledged as a major contributor to the election results. Read about it here.

Third, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has added TX21 to its target list of swing districts for 2018! With Lamar retiring, strong Democratic candidates, and the Republicans scrambling to enter the race, we have a chance to win TX21! Read about it here.

Get Out the Vote!

A key factor in Tuesday’s stunning wins was Getting Out the Vote (GOTV). What is GOTV? It’s contacting people who have voted Democratic in the past few elections and encouraging them to, yes you guessed it, get out and VOTE! Unlike Republicans, who are consistent voters, Democrats tend to NOT vote in every election. GOTV has been proven to work to elect Democratic candidates. It worked in Virginia for this week’s election and it worked for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Check out our own Lynn Kurth talking about TX21 Indivisible’s GOTV initiative, called Work your Circles! It’s easy and everyone can do it. Let’s get started!

Mourn the dead of Sutherland Springs

Moms demand actionOnce again, our country has been rocked by the mass murder of our fellow citizens. This time, it happened close to home, in the small town of Sutherland Springs, 30 miles east of San Antonio.

As progressives, we value human life. So in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, it is appropriate to mourn the dead and the gut-wrenching reality that mass murder has become a regular occurrence in our country.

Vigils are planned for TOMORROW, Wednesday, Nov. 8 in San Antonio and Kerrville. Join your friends and neighbors.

San Antonio

Kerrville: Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 7 pm at the Kerr Co. Courthouse.