(Above: Chip Roy single-handedly blocking a $19.1 billion dollar disaster relief package in the House, May 24, 2019.)

Congressman Chip Roy is a Republican who was elected in 2018 with 50.2% of the vote in the heavily gerrymandered 21st Congressional District of Texas. His district boundaries were drawn by Republicans to neutralize Democratic voters in Austin and San Antonio by dividing them up, linking each small portion to large rural areas that are reliably Republican. Despite this concerted effort to disenfranchise thousands of Texas voters, TX-21 has shifted notably in the past few elections, away from the divisiveness, climate denial, and corporate influence that define the current Republican Party.

Chip, who entered politics as a flunky for Ted Cruz, is a textbook example of the failing, flailing Texas GOP. The residents of Texas-21 deserve better representation.

Chip’s job is to represent the area north of San Antonio, parts of South and West Austin, and a wide swath of the Hill Country, but you’ll rarely find him in any of his offices. Trust us, we’ve tried! Dedicated groups of Indivisible members have trekked to Chip’s offices in Austin, San Antonio, and other locations, sometimes weekly, ever since he took office in January 2019. He has met with us a grand total of once.

You can try contacting him through the staff at his various office though:

Austin: 512-871-5959
Kerrville: 830-896-0154
San Antonio: (210)-821-5024
Washington, DC (direct line): (202) 225-4236
Washington, DC (fax): 202-225-8628

We’ll feature more information about Chip’s job performance as the 2020 election approaches.