Representative Roy,

By degree, we’ve all had to make difficult, sometimes painful adjustments in the face of COVID-19 – which has claimed the lives of over 100,000 of our fellow Americans in just a few short months.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t prevented you from making a constitutional mountain out of a molehill by attacking the Democratic-led House for exercising social distancing through proxy voting.

So Representative Roy, why are you conspicuously absent when the Constitution REALLY counts?

Why do you remain silent as Donald Trump systematically tears at the very fabric of our constitutional democracy?

Where are your constitutional sensibilities when our precious right to vote is infringed upon by GOP led voter suppression?

Where is your outrage when Trump regularly berates the press as the “enemy of the people?” You have heard of the First Amendment, haven’t you?

And speaking of the First Amendment, why do you keep trying to blur the line separating church and state?

Furthermore, during the House impeachment vote, why did you give Trump a pass when he obviously betrayed our nation and our Constitution through self-dealing with a foreign nation?

Representative Roy, we plan to end your sanctimonious and dangerous constitutional theatrics on November 3!

For the Constitution over far-right ideology,

– S

Representative Roy,

After George Floyd was murdered you made the obligatory condemnation of that – but then amid the riots you immediately launched into that nebulous mostly imaginary group called Antifa. However, contrary to that, our very own FBI Director Christopher Wray says that group is “more of an ideology than an organization.” Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if those instigating the burning and looting are far-right groups in the guise of Antifa.

So sadly,  you Republicans will quickly ignore and/or forget George Floyd and countless others like him, as well as four hundred years of racial oppression to concentrate on endless chants of “law and order” rather than fighting for racial justice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as opposed to riots, violence, and destruction as anyone, but you Republicans just have to have a boogie man to rouse the base don’t you? And unfortunately, I have the strong feeling that GOP cries of “law and order” really serve a second purpose: to delegitimize even peaceful protests over racial injustice.

In short, you just don’t get it, do you? It’s not just the murder of Floyd and other blacks, it’s the insidious oppression that continues today with one form being the voter suppression of blacks, the disabled and other minorities who usually vote Democratic.

And rather than having a president who is a unifier-in-chief we have a provocateur-in-chief who continually incites violence.

As a Republican, you are part of the problem Representative Roy, as the modern GOP is the direct philosophical and political descendant of the racists who deserted the Democratic Party over the passage of the Civil and Voting Rights Acts of the mid-1960s. Richard Nixon actively recruited them and Ronald Reagan gave them the facade of respectability under the banner of “conservativism.”

You have much to think about Representative Roy, but whether you will or not is another matter.

For your defeat on November 3rd,

– S

PS – And let’s not forget Representative Roy, that GOP racism doesn’t stop with African Americans, as it also extends to others such as Dreamers, who through no fault of their own, were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Nevertheless, they know no other country than America and have become contributing members to the economic, social, and cultural fabric of our nation. Sadly, you Republicans would rather follow the cold, hard text of the law than the spirit and humanity of the law.

Chip Roy,

You know me. We have met and exchanged views on several occasions over the last 2 years. I am an active member of TX21 Indivisible. I have never advocated violence in any form, nor have I advocated looting, or lawlessness. I take great exception to your unfounded assertion, on Twitter, that TX21 Indivisible is allied with Antifa, and “that we are promoting violence over peace, property and life; that we chose looting and destruction crushing small businesses”. I denounce the use of violence, especially when it is directed specifically against people of color by racists and bigots! I oppose fascism in all its forms. Do you not oppose fascism? From your recent remarks I am beginning to wonder if you are pro-fascism!

I will continue to exercise my First Amendment Right to protest peacefully as necessary. TX21 Indivisible have shown up numerous times at your campaign events, townhalls and we even had a private meeting with you last year. In any of those meetings have we ever become violent? Where is your evidence that we are associated with Antifa and promote violence? Some of your supporters claim we are all paid by George Soros! Where is the evidence for that? Are you so afraid of us that you have resorted to the Trump tactic of inventing falsehoods and spreading blatant lies?

I believe there is systemic racial discrimination in America. I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I support their right to protest. Black people want to be treated equally and fairly under the law. Not as persons that are less than! There will not be racial peace in America until there is justice and equality for all in America. Sadly, it seems that little has changed since the riots and protests of 1967. Instead of stoking more hatred and division with inflammatory tweets why don’t you get with your colleagues in the House and start to address the root cause of these systemic issues? But, somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen. So maybe you should just #packyourbagsMrRoy! November can’t come soon enough! #GoodbyeMrChip!



Dear Chip Roy:

I’m writing about your tweet from yesterday morning (Tuesday, 2 June), in which you appear to advocate using U. S. military force against U. S. citizens right here in the United States.  You support “grant[ing] authorities to quell insurrection” and conclude: “Once order is restored, liberty demands we be vigilant in walking it back.”  What are you even talking about?  Authorities?  Insurrection?  Who is “we”?  And walk back what, military force?

As muddled as that tweet is, you are clearly aware that granting such authorities would lead to autocratic control, especially under the current administration.  Let’s be vigilant, yes–vigilant about not allowing military force to be used against us on our own streets in the first place.

I notice you haven’t been tweeting any similar trash talk from your House account, @RepChipRoy.  You should dispense with the knee-jerk reactions of your campaign rhetoric: take a more thoughtful approach to the issues at hand and speak in a way that dignifies rather than debases your office.  And what about the murder of George Floyd: Do you have nothing to say about that, Representative Roy?

Your constituent from TX-21 Indivisible,

– C

Congressman Roy,

Due to the incompetence of the Trump administration, the United States has more than 1.8 million cases of Coronavirus, over 108,000 people have died from the virus in the last 3 months and 40 million workers have filed for unemployment. Now, there is rioting in the streets stemming from the latest in a long line of police killings of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis. This is the State of our Union right now. The United States of America is falling apart at the seams. The wheels are coming off the train! Yet what does our President do? Does he call for calm? Does he offer words of reassurance? No, the President announces that he will mobilize the US Military to restore ‘dominance’ in the streets. He uses his authority to forcibly clear what was a peaceful demonstration in front of the White House, using tear gas and rubber bullets. And what for? Just so he could walk to St John’s Episcopal Church for a photo opportunity of him holding up a Bible! Did he take the opportunity to read a hopeful passage from the Bible? No! Did he go into the church to pray for peace? No!

Wake up America and look around! Ironically, Donald Trump ran on a platform of ‘Make America Great Again’! But just like he destroyed so many of his businesses, he is now destroying America! We are no longer a respected bastion of justice and civil democracy. We have abdicated our leadership role in the world. We are rapidly becoming no more than a third world joke. America, we are a country in Crisis! We are at a tipping point! Enough is Enough! We cannot afford 4 more years of this Presidency! Donald Trump has to go and along with him all the sycophants in the Republican Party who did not have the guts to stand up for justice and human decency against the tyranny of Donald Trump, and that includes you, Chip Roy.

– B


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