Representative Roy,

You recently suggested that we’re guided by “self-interest” to reopen Texas – apparently by minimizing Centers for Disease Control guidelines. However, setting aside your argument, you’re on to something about “self-interest.”

Perhaps a majority of your constituents are “self-interested” in lowering prescription drug costs; preserving protections for pre-existing conditions; fighting global warming, restoring strong environmental protections; urging you to choose between your Kinder Morgan stock and your Hill Country constituents affected by its natural gas pipeline; re-establishing America’s leadership in the world and among it’s traditional democratic allies; and among many other important issues; restoring competence and integrity in the White House.

So thank you Representative Roy for helping us to focus on the things that really matter – especially when we cast our “self-interested” votes on November 3.

For community based self-interest,

– S

Congressman Roy,

Today was a historic day. We passed 100,000 dead from the Coronavirus and it is still rising. This, after Mike Pence said it would be all overall by Memorial Day and Donald Trump said he would do nothing different if he could do it again! I am appalled by the total failure of our Federal Government’s response to this pandemic. S. Korea learned of the first Coronavirus case at the same time as the United State, on January 20th, and they have less than 5 deaths per 1 million population. Similar results from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan. Meanwhile the United States is currently at 60 times this at 300 dead per 1 million.

You claim to be taking COVID-19 seriously and you make statements about needing to protect the elderly and immunocompromised, but your actions do not support this! True, you wore a mask when you went to a senior living facility but not when you go to a local grocery store or restaurant or park! I don’t live in a senior living facility, but I am one of those over 65 who is at risk with pre-existing health conditions! I must go to the grocery store once a week and have some limited interaction with people. Why are you endangering my life by not wearing a mask in public? We will all be safer, if we all took the responsible approach to wearing masks, social distancing, and leading by example. This weekend bars could officially open in Austin. We saw some completely irresponsible behavior at places like Buford’s on 6th Street. Overcrowding, no social distancing, totally disregard for all the guidelines and definitely no masks! Do you support this irresponsible behavior? Will you speak up and support Major Adler’s condemnation of this in the Austin American Statesman? This type of behavior is a danger to everyone and an insult to the sacrifices made by our healthcare workers who risked their lives to help those infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Please show some moral and social responsibility! Show you take this seriously! Wear your mask in public! Lead by example! Stop being a jerk! At least until November when you can pack your bags Mr. Roy!

– B

Dear Representative Roy,

I am writing to express my disagreement, as your constituent, to your recent social media messages surrounding a proposed change to House rules on member voting, proxy voting. On May 27, 2020, you posted on twitter that “Americans send their representatives to Washington to represent them,” and on May 26, 2020 that “Our Constitution simply does not permit Representatives to dilute their constituents’ representation.” In both messages, you continue by saying that this representation “means voting” in person and having a delegate record a vote for a representative who may at risk of infection/illness is the alleged dilution of our representative process. However, I want to highlight the first parts of these statements, as they can and should shed light on your representation of District 21.

You stated on Twitter that “Americans send their representatives to Washington to represent them.” Congressman Roy, you represent a diverse population in District 21, spanning dense urban areas and more rural, sparsely populated ones. You represent portions of two of the largest cities in the United States, Austin and San Antonio. Your last election results reveal that over 168,000 voters in District 21 voted against you; you won your election by less than 9,300 votes, out of over 353,617 votes cast. Since that election, you have taken your win as a mandate to pursue libertarian policies that do not represent the interests and positions of half of your constituents, and in 2020, possibly more. You do not regularly hold public meetings to engage with constituents who question your positions in the large cities you represent. You have even limited the time spent with smaller groups of concerned voters, who regularly implore you to exercise empathy and concern for District 21’s population.

Earlier this morning, May 27, 2020, you wrote on Twitter that it’s “Hard to believe it was 1 year ago this past Sunday I objected to $19.5 billion being passed on the floor of the House without a vote.” To put this into context, Representative Roy, please remember you voted against the expedient release of emergency funds to victims of natural disasters across several states and territories, funds that would have allowed many to move out of unsafe housing conditions and away from health risks. Real people were hurt by the delay your parliamentary point of order caused. You angered constituents in several states, of many political backgrounds, causing some to even invest money to take out ads in papers denouncing your representation.

I mention this, as it is an important framework for your social media argument today. A year ago, we saw that your position delayed needed relief for people who were afraid for their health and safety. The rule change in the House is being proposed, during the duration of the pandemic, to promote the health and safety of immunocompromised representatives, their families, and their staffs. Also, precendent stands in United States v. Ballin (1892) that the “Constitution empowers each house to determine its rules of proceedings,” and this proxy rule falls under that scope.

Please stop solely representing District 21 by railing against measures that can save lives. Instead, I ask as your constituent, please return to finding ways to ensure the safety of your colleagues and constituents to live productively.

Your Constituent,

– J

Congressman Roy:

As you continually call for us to make the false choice between our economy and our health, I ask you once again to tell us where the tests are and how vulnerable populations will have them made available to them without cost. How can we reopen the country when we do not have a good or consistent system for contact tracing? How can businesses safely reopen when we have no plan for isolating exposed and sick workers from their families, communities, coworkers, and customers? The lack of such policies is almost guaranteed to force us back into lockdown, a lockdown we can scarcely afford.

In the era of Covid19, my spouse and I are both members of the high risk category. Although we are both thoroughly sick and tired of our confinement, we know that are very lucky. We are both retired and have enough money to live on. Although we cannot travel ourselves even to the grocery store, we know that there are essential workers who must risk the possibility of disease or even death for themselves or their family members so that we do not have to. We are able to live in our own home instead of a congregate facility. But these privileges are simply not available to everyone.

Ultimately, none of us are really safe until we are all safe. So what are you doing to protect the vulnerable and those who work with them so that we can all get back to our lives as the people in South Korea, New Zealand, Denmark, and Taiwan have done?


– M

Dear Rep. Roy,

Col. Kenneth Reed’s letter to you of May 22, in reply to your questions about the Permian Highway Pipeline, makes it quite clear that the Army Corps of Engineers has no grounds to demand any changes, or extract any penalty, from Kinder Morgan for their recent pollution of well water on the Blanco River.

Since the Army Corps of Engineers will not do your job for you, I am once again asking: What are you doing to protect your constituents from the damage caused by this company? And once again, I am asking you to address the conspicuous conflict of interest posed by your ownership of Kinder Morgan stock. Why should Texas-21 voters trust you to protect their interests when you so clearly profit from crossing them?

– S

Representative Roy:

I am an inveterate power user of the U. S. Mail–a lifelong letter-writer, postcard-sender, and package-mailer.  The United States Postal Service has been essential to my family and interpersonal relations since I was a toddler (my first piece of mail being a postcard from my father reminding me to behave while he was away).  The post office and the mail are equally vital to businesses, patients who receive medicine via mail, homebound people, voters, and countless others.

Where do you stand, Representative Roy?  I have not seen an opinion from you on the issue of the U. S. Postal Service as it stands threatened today by the Trump Administration’s aggressive lack of support.  Do you support funding for the USPS?

If you have stated your opinion on this issue, please send me a copy.  If not, please issue an official statement so your constituents in TX-21 know where you stand.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Your constituent,

– C

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