Dear Rep. Roy,

I am writing about two relatively recent letters you wrote regarding Kinder Morgan Inc.’s drilling operations at the Blanco River Site of the Permian Highway Pipeline project: your 3 April letter to Kinder Morgan itself and your 2 May letter to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.   Have you heard back from the USACE about the permitting issues you raised about Kinder Morgan’s activities?  And what was the upshot of your meeting or communication with Kinder Morgan?

It’s time to update your constituents on these issues.

I look forward to hearing from you,

– W

Dear Rep. Roy,

It’s disappointing to get a “response” from you because there never is an answer to any question I may have posed, only a screed framed by platitudes about how eager you are to hear the views and concerns of your constituents.

Your most recent communication, for example, from 19 May, ostensibly replied to a contact from me about reopening the economy.  In the letter you might be responding to, however, a 6 May email, I asked for answers to specific questions that didn’t get answered in your Texas Tribune interview with Evan Smith: Was it okay with you if more people got sick if Texas opened up too soon? Did you support public demonstrations that didn’t follow local orders and public-health recommendations? And why didn’t you set an example of social responsibility for your constituents (and your children) by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing when necessary?

I still would like to have answers to those questions, even though you seem to think that your philosophy of self-interest explains everything.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

– W

Representative Roy,

I truly sympathize with those who have lost their livelihoods during the COVID-19 pandemic as the psychological and financial hurt has to be tremendous. By contrast, my family and I are in relatively good shape. I’m retired so my income hasn’t been affected and my wife works in retail that’s considered essential, so while she’s fortunate enough to have kept her job, she’s also exposed to a large number of people who might be infected with the virus. As for our children, they are lucky enough to be able to work from home.

Nevertheless, I’m just as anxious for our economy to open back up as you are, but I’d like for that to be done responsibly rather than rushing to open, as you prefer, by ignoring, the Centers for Disease Control safety protocols.

And that points to something dark and disturbing among you Republicans. It’s not just the closings of workplaces that bother you, it’s a number of other things related to the current pandemic as well:

1) Early on there was Trump minimizing the dangers and spread of the coronavirus.

2) Then it was and continues to be the unproven and/or dangerous medications pushed by various conservative commentators and President Trump himself.

3) It’s conservatives saying that COVID-19 deaths have been overinflated by enemies of President Trump to try to make him look bad, when in actuality, the number of deaths have most likely been undercounted.

4) It’s conservatives calling the coronavirus a hoax.

5) It was and continues to be Republicans trying to shift the blame for Trump’s ineptness in handling the crisis to the Chinese, to the World Health Organization, to former President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joseph Biden and now to our very own Centers for Disease Control.

6) And even now, something as simple as social distancing and the wearing of masks is mocked by many Republicans. President Trump, who is supposed to set an example for Americans, has never worn a mask, you, your family and a staffer didn’t wear masks at a recent visit to a local restaurant and most conservative rally goers ignore both masks and social distancing.

Representative Roy, the modern Republican party is marked by systemic rot, with its response to the coronavirus being but one example. How you can stand the stench is beyond me.

For truth over willful ignorance,

– S

Representative Roy,

You advocate opening up businesses as usual. “Let America Open.” Well then why is your office not open in Austin? You inferred in your townhall last night that it was open, but then corrected yourself saying your staff were accessible at hom eby phone! When can we have a face-to-face meeting with your staff or yourself?

– B

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