The following letters were sent to Rep. Roy’s staff in lieu of our long-standing weekly constituent meeting:

Representative Roy,

Perhaps you’re not that familiar with the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. In part, it guarantees “… the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Under that provision, a small group of five to six TX21 Indivisible members have been weekly visiting first Lamar Smith’s office, and since early last year, your office, to express our grievances – with most of these meetings lasting no more than thirty to forty minutes.

Also, we’re mostly retired folks who lead quiet ordinary lives, not revolutionary bomb-throwers. However, with that being said, we’re extremely alarmed by the GOP embrace of authoritarianism and its disdain for justice, equality, a free press, fair elections, healthcare as a right, immigrants, a clean environment and climate science. Consequently, while we have made many frank comments during our meetings; we have always been very professional and civil, and as such, we were never given any indication that we were wearing out our welcome. After all, we are your constituents.

Thus, it came as quite a shock last week when we were notified by Nathan McDaniel, your District Director/campaign manager, that we would henceforth be limited to one meeting a month for thirty minutes. The reasons seemed rather contrived, as only later did McDaniel mention that your staff needed more time for COVID-19, or as you prefer, Wuhan virus inquiries.

Even giving you the benefit of the doubt on that, one can’t help but wonder why your Austin office is only open twelve hours a week versus the forty hours that your San Antonio office is open – especially when both are located in heavily urbanized areas. Consequently, why should we south and central Austinites be shortchanged, especially, if as McDaniel stated, there’s a heavy workload of coronavirus (Wuhan virus) queries? In fact, we don’t even merit the fourteen hours that your Kerrville office is open each week.

In conclusion, if your Austin office is so challenged in meeting the needs of local constituents, the fault doesn’t lie with the five or six people who visit/Zoom with your constituent liaison each week, but with you and your staff in severely restricting the hours that your Austin office is open.

In any event, the ball is in your court Representative Roy. To channel the late President Ronald Reagan, “tear down these restrictive Austin office hours so that you can better hear what your Austin area constituents are saying.”

For elected officials who make every effort to accommodate their constituents’ rights to peacefully assemble and petition,

S., Austin TX


Representative Roy,

I listened to your short video clip, “Let America Open” which you proudly posted on your Chip Roy 2020 election Facebook page yesterday. While everyone agrees that we need to get the country working again the question is how best to do it? You appear to take the position that we must open the economy regardless of the impact. The right to work supersedes all the right of others to live. In your interview with Mark Levin a few weeks ago you both mocked the projected death rates as scare mongering. I remind you that just yesterday we passed 70,000 deaths and it shows no signs of slowing.

My first question to you is how many people are you willing to sacrifice in order to open the economy? At what point is the sacrifice in lives something that would get your attention? The latest estimate by the IHME increases their prediction to 135,000 deaths by August 4th. They state the 54,000 increase from their previous prediction on March 26th is a direct consequence of 31 States opening prematurely and the lack of social distancing? Do you find this acceptable? Are these additional 54,000 deaths just a necessary sacrifice you think we should pay to open our economy now?

We also heard yesterday that the Coronavirus Task Force is ramping down and will be disbanded by Memorial Day. What the heck is this administration doing? All the medical experts say it is too soon to be winding down! I am stunned! I am mortified! I am horrified! Clearly this administration has given up! It has thrown in the towel and is now just going to let the Coronavirus run rampant! We have not beaten the Coronavirus; we don’t even have it on the run! The Government’s own predictions are that the current death rate will increase to 3,000 per day by June yet this administration is declaring victory and moving on regardless! This is a shameful abdication of responsibility that history and the electorate in November 2020 will judge incredibly harshly. Pack your bags Mr. Roy.


B., Austin TX


Dear Rep. Roy,

We are still waiting for you to update us on your April 2nd letter to Kinder Morgan, regarding their recent pollution of your constituents’ well water, in which you asked the company to respond “at your earliest convenience.” Has Kinder Morgan responded? What have you done to protect TX-21 residents, their land, and their water from damage caused by the construction of the Permian Highway Pipeline?

We are also still waiting for you to address the conflict of interest posed by your ownership of Kinder Morgan stock, which is recorded in your required House financial filings. Why should TX-21 residents believe that you are willing to protect them from Kinder Morgan when you are currently benefitting financially from their actions?



S., Austin TX

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