Nathan McDaniel, Staffer and Campaign Manager for Rep. Chip Roy, recently emailed TX-21 Indivisible members to inform them he was canceling the group’s longstanding weekly office meeting with staffers. These meetings were established because Congressman Roy refuses to meet with his Austin constituents himself, doing so only once since his election (and then only because an alert voter encountered him in Kerbey Lane in April 2019). Repeated requests to his staff and scheduler have been ignored since then.
“John in our DC office has documented every letter that has been sent,” McDaniel wrote, “and he’s responded to several of them. According to those numbers, we have given your group significantly more staff time than any other group we work with – in DC or Texas.”
TX-21 Indivisible ATX has also documented every letter we’ve presented at these meetings, recording the author, topic, and date presented–a process which took one volunteer approximately four hours total. We sincerely doubt that is more time than Chip and his staff given to lobbyists for, say the pharmaceutical or petroleum industries.
From our records, here are the bills and issues that Austin residents of TX-21 consider to be of the most pressing importance, but which Chip Roy and his staff think are a waste of time:
HR 3 – Lower Drug Costs Now Act
HR 5596 – Personalized Care Act of 2020
HR 5491 – Body Armor Modernization Act
HR 535 – Perfluoroalkyl Regulation Act
HR 603 – Health Savings Account Expansion Act
HR 2534 – Insider Trading Prohibition Act
HR 2932 – Homeland Security for Children Act
HR 4617 – SHIELD Act
Kinder Morgan’s contamination of water wells in TX-21
Election security
COVID-19 testing availability
Second Amendment rights
VAWA renewal
Syrian troop withdrawal
Voter suppression
Family separation
As McDaniel admits, the vast majority of constituent letters have gone unanswered. The responses that have been received are mostly form letters.
We understand that Congressional representatives receive many communications from constituents. But since the day he was elected, Roy has studiously avoided engaging with TX-21 residents in Austin. We have given him every opportunity, and he has dismissed them all out of hand. We will not be deterred. From now on, we will be recording our letters on video, and posting them here so voters throughout TX-21 can see what Chip’s constituents care about–and how little Chip cares about them.

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