December 4, 2019

Representative Roy,

With you being one of the leading evangelists for the free market, I was extremely perplexed when you objected to Chick-fil-A’s decision to no longer make charitable contributions to organizations that discriminate against LGBTQ folks.

After all, Chick-fil-A is merely responding to market forces by hoping to attract a significant group of potential customers who it had previously ostracized. Furthermore, Chick-fil-A no doubt wants to expand its market share without the hindrance of one arm being tied behind its back.

Representative Roy, how exactly do you rationalize supporting the free market on one hand while opposing it on the other? With your degree in commerce (business) I’m very surprised that you’re unable to recognize the difference between good marketing/business practices and bad.

Moving on, I’d now like to turn to the moral side of the Chick-fil-A decision, as I strongly suspect that your opposition to their decision had less to do with business but more to do with your “Christian values.” If that happens to be the case, I want you to know that there are plenty of Christians, myself included, who sincerely believe that Jesus makes no exception for LGBTQ people any more than he did for other marginalized people such as the poor, disabled, lepers and slaves.

As with so many others issues, I look forward to your reply.


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