October 9, 2019

Congressman Roy:

I am calling on you once again to have a town hall in Austin. we hre at Indivisible have been misrepresented by some of your supporters as opposing your town halls in places like Bandera, where you are holding a town hall tonight. On the contrary, we think it’s wonderful that you are so supportive of your constituents in places that some politicians might think are too out-of-the-way to be counted. However, we in Austin are also your constituents, and we too deserve a town hall, a real one, not one held in a political safe haven like the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a place where some of your constituents might not be comfortable going simply because of who they are. No, we need a real town hall, one slathered in barbecue sauce or salsa, one that can be reached by public transportation, one like the ones you are having in other places, a town hall held in a public forum instead of the headquarters of a partisan think tank. If you are indeed running for office, or even if you are not, give us a town hall.

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