Last night at the TX21 Indivisible Birthday Party, the winner of the Ashley McAllen Activist of the Year Award was selected: Cat Yuraka of San Marcos! Cat is the organizer of the Resistance Choir of South Central Texas. The choir has performed at many TX21 Indivisible rallies and events in Austin, San Antonio, and the Hill Country.

Cat and the choir performed at the Women’s March in Austin on January 20, a performance featured in this video published by the New York Times (at 1.11 minutes). Cat is an activist extraordinaire and demonstrates by her actions that doing something you love brings success and recognition! Congratulations Cat!

5 thoughts on “Cat Yuraka, organizer of Resistance Choir, receives Activist of the Year!

  1. To be the first recipient of the Ashley McAllen Activist of the Year Award is a thrill that is beyond my comprehension. Like everything else we have experienced this year, it appears freakishly backwards…as it seems to me that Tx21 has given me far more this past year than I have given to it. With every interaction I have had with the fine activists of TX21, I have become braver, more well-informed, and better armed to see our fight through to it’s conclusion. The fact that this recognition comes from my peers…folks I so deeply respect and admire…is an unfanthomable honor. I am deeply touched, and will do my best to be worthy of having my name linked with Ashley’s.


  2. I am so proud to be associated with such a powerhouse as Cat Yuracka! This is well deserved! Your badassery never overshadows your deep caring and kindness. You are an inspiration. Much love to you.


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