New Yorker article

You’re going to start hearing a lot from us about getting out the vote (GOTV). What’s that you ask? It’s contacting progressive voters and encouraging them to, you guessed it, VOTE! This article in the New Yorker tells how Indivisible groups in Alabama helped get out the vote for Doug Jones.

How can you get involved? If you live in Travis, Bexar, Hays or Comal counties, you have established, ongoing GOTV efforts in your county. Look at your voter registration card, find your precinct number, and use our GOTV guides to find your precinct chairs. The primary job of precinct chairs is to get our the vote for their party. We’ve put together GOTV resources, including the guides and a short video from our own GOTV superstar Lynn about an easy way to Work your Circles this holiday season.

If you live in the Hill Country counties of Blanco, Gillespie, Kerr, Kendall or Real, please email if you want to hear what we’re up to.

If you have questions, please leave them here in comments.

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