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Alright y’all, it’s about to get real! The Senate passed the awful Trump Tax Scam. BUT IT’S NOT YET LAW, which means we still have time either to stop it or at least to ameliorate its worst effects. The bill is now going back to conference for reconciliation with the House version, which gives us more time to push back.

To that end, it is imperative that you call Lamar Smith TODAY and tomorrow and let him know how you feel. And if you can make it to an office visit this week, then please do it!

  • Austin, meet at 9:30 am at Lamar’s office, 2211 South IH 35, Suite 106.
  • San Antonio, meet at 9:00 am at Las Chiladas, 2387 NW Military Hwy, before heading to Lamar’s office.
  • Kerrville, meet at 11 am on the north side of the Wells Fargo building, 301 Junction Hwy.

AND join us for a tax protest, Thursday, Dec. 7, 5:30-8:30 at Austin City Hall. Bring signs and get ready to be LOUD!

Here is a brief summary of the Senate bill compared to the House bill. More information about the tax bill here.

2 thoughts on “Call Lamar today! And tomorrow!

  1. I just left 2 messages for Mr. Smith; one at his SA office and another at his DC office. I get more angry every day more information comes out about this TAX SCAM…


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