LamarIn case you have not heard, Lamar Smith announced he will retire from Congress at the end of his term in 2018. Yes, it’s true! The Texas Tribune broke the story this afternoon. Read it here.

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music, people!

We may never know exactly why Lamar chose to retire now, but there are theories. Did TX21 Indivisible cause this? Some of our activist organization partners think so. Regardless of whether we were 99% of the reason or 1%, TX21 Indivisible made a difference. You asked questions and raised doubts. You brought your friends, family, and neighbors to visit Lamar Smith’s office. You wore your TX21 Indivisible gear everywhere you went. You organized rallies, and events, and parades. Boy, did you organize!

We’re going to celebrate on Sunday on the Mother of All Road Trips aka Waiting for Lamar. The road trip was planned to mark one year since Lamar held a public event in TX21. The road trip ends at the Pint & Plow in Kerrville (1:30-3 pm). Details and tickets here.

The fight is not over!

So on Monday, here is what we must do:

  1. Continue to resist Lamar Smith and the Trump agenda! Lamar still hates constituents who do not agree with him. He can do a lot of damage in 12 months.
  2. Immediately start examining the records of the most likely candidates for the Republican nomination. Pick one: Donna Campbell, Jason Issac, Kyle Biederman, Joe Strauss, some other Reptilican Trump henchman.
  3. Continue to promote dialog, discussion, coalition building, and community outreach.
  4. Support progressive candidates for District 21
  5. Get Out the Vote!

We believe that Lamar’s retirement levels the playing field for candidates opposed to the Republican regime. We have a real shot at turning TX21 blue. We cannot let up. We will not quit. We will work hard. We will work smart.

Today is a good day! We helped to do this. Congratulations to you all!

4 thoughts on “Rep. Lamar Smith to retire!

  1. Keep up the great work against lamar AND use his agenda against his replacement to be- a thought – we are in Oklahoma but home soon- from Bun and Louis


    1. Thanks Louis! Everything TX21 Indivisible does is a team effort. So many people behind the scenes make huge contributions to the core work of the Indivisible movement: making calls to our members of Congress, writing letters, sending emails, participating in office visits. Not to mention participating in the rallies and events we’ve hosted. Let’s keep it up! Lamar still has a year in office. Trump is still the president. There is still much work to do.


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