Resisters! What can we ALL do next? This is easy and important – simply talk to the progressives you know and help them commit to voting.

TX21 Indivisible’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) initiative is called “Work your Circles.” We are developing GOTV guides for each of the 10 counties in TX21. They provide the info you need. Here is the first batch, with more to come.

GOTV Guide Kerr Co

GOTV Guide Gillespie Co

GOTV Guide Kendall Co

GOTV Guide Comal Co

GOTV Guide Travis Co

GOTV Guide Hays Co

Here’s how to Work Your Circles.

Reach out to your circles of friends and family and talk about their voter registration. Ask if they’re registered. If they’re not, tell them how. Ask if they have moved, changed their name, etc. Any of these changes could cause them to be turned away from the polls.

Most importantly, look them in the eye and get their commitment to vote for progressive candidates. Make them promise. Offer to remind them to vote. Be persistent.

Use this conversation to talk about the election coming up November 7, 2017! Yes, there’s an election coming up and early voting has already started. Offer this Guide to Constitutional Amendments to assist voters.

Nov. 7 Constitutional Amendments

Let’s Work our Circles and elect progressive candidates in 2018!


2 thoughts on “Resistance getting you down? Wondering what’s next? Get Out the Vote!

    1. Hi Mary! I just tried it and it worked for me. It should download a Word doc rather than taking you to a website. The Word doc gives you the information you need to help the folks in your circle to check and make sure they’re registered to vote, etc. It has links so you can email it to them. Try it again and let me know!


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