This week, Congressman Lamar Smith advocated for gun rights over innocent lives and voted in favor of a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks, citing “fetal pain.” Lamar also sat on his hands while funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expired on Sept. 30. Are you tired of representation that doesn’t reflect your values? We are!

Come out on Sunday for the fourth in our series of TX21 Congressional candidate meet-and-greet events, this week featuring Derrick Crowe.

Sun, October 8, 11am – 1pm

LENOIR, 1807 S 1st St, Austin

Derrick describes himself this way:

Derrick worked in Washington, D.C. for senior Democrats, including the House Democratic Leader (Nancy Pelosi) and the top Democrats on agriculture (Charlie Stenholm) and counter-terrorism (Adam Smith). As a senior staffer, he contributed to messaging effort that helped Democrats retake the House in 2006. He also coordinated press appearances for the top Democrat on counter-terrorism, who was acting as a national security surrogate for then-Sen. Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.”

In the nonprofit sector, Derrick focused on supporting those in crisis, as well as improving government transparency and ethics. As communications director for an organization focused on family and intimate partner violence, Derrick helped lead a successful advocacy effort to win more city funds to process backlogged rape kits, provide justice to survivors of sexual assault, and get serial rapists off the street.”

Learn more about Derrick here:

Derrick Crowe for Congress

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