We all agree that it’s time to retire Lamar Smith! There are five candidates currently in the race to replace him. Today is the first of several candidate meet-and-greet events, hosted by TX21 Indivisible, taking place in Austin.

Bring your neighbors and your questions to Red’s Porch on South Lamar today from 3 to 5 pm to meet Joseph Kopser. Here’s how Joseph describes himself:

From serving a full career in the Army to creating good-paying jobs right here in Texas, I’ve dedicated my life to service. Graduation from West Point took me on a military path through a number of Texas installations, as well as through Iraq, where I earned the Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star.

Since retiring from the Army, I’ve dedicated myself to building innovative companies, empowering workers, and helping government work for citizens like you and me. In Congress, I’ll do the same: put your interests ahead of the special interests.”

Learn more about Joseph here:

Joseph Kopser for Congress
Find information about future meet-and-greet events here:

TX21 Indivisible Calendar

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