Congressional District 21 is geographically large and brings together people of all descriptions to work toward a common goal. On August 19, we lost one of our own, dear friend and fellow resister, Ashley McAllen.

Ashley was first a husband and father. He and his wife had five children. He dedicated his life to serving others, as a physician, Navy veteran, and in public health missions throughout the world. He was a member of the Bandera County Democrats and St. Philip Episcopal Church in Utopia.

Ashley grew up in El Paso and embraced the importance of diversity and inclusion. He was a leader in reaching out to Hispanic communities in District 21. The TX21 Indivisible website has a Spanish language version and sign-up form because he requested it.

We were fortunate to know this man, who was genuine, authentic, passionate, and generous. He was a “person of light,” a “gentle giant,” and a “community leader.” We remember the way he lived his life with grace, that we always looked forward to seeing him, and how we felt his energy when he walked into the room. We saw that he wanted to make a difference in the world. We felt his love when he listened to our ideas and encouraged and supported us.

As Ashley did, TX21 Indivisible is fighting for justice, equality, and democracy. We believe in freedom, fair elections, healthcare for all, quality education, and protecting the environment. We want to build a community that shares these values and priorities. We want a good and fair place to live for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and indeed, everyone equally.

Some may wonder, why do the good people leave us so quickly? Others may answer, because their flame was bright to attract us and light the way. Knowing the way, the flame was extinguished to let us each light our flame for others. – TC

View a tribute to Ashley

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