Kelly and TrishTed Cruz was in San Antonio on July 7, 2017, as Trumpcare was reaching the Senate. TX21 Indivisible activists Kelly and Trish were featured in a photo in the New York Times as they rallied in front of a radio station where he was being interviewed.

Cruz has made it his holy grail to repeal “Obamacare,” or the Affordable Care Act, and wholeheartedly supports the bill in the Senate. This excerpt from the Times article, tells why it will hurt Texans:

In Texas, hospitals are putting pressure on Senator Ted Cruz, the state’s junior Republican senator, who is up for re-election next year. If the Senate bill is adopted, said Ted Shaw, the president of the Texas Hospital Association, more people will be uninsured and ‘more Texans will be forced to rely on hospital emergency departments for care.’ In rural areas where people tend to be older and sicker and have lower incomes, many hospitals say they are already struggling to survive and would be hit hard by the cuts to Medicaid in the repeal bills.”

Read the full article here.

Thanks Kelly and Trish!

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