You’ve probably heard that Governor Abbott has called a special session of the Texas legislature. It promises to be a disaster – if you’re not already following Indivisible TX lege then we would encourage you to do so. You can find them on Facebook at or their website at

While the nation was distracted by the unfolding drama of the Comey hearing this past week, a group of 13 all-male Senators were busy working (behind closed doors, of course) on the Senate version of TrumpCare. It’s time for us to show them we can walk and chew gum at the same time – so please join with other Indivisibles from across the country on:

Wednesday, June 14

Stop Trumpcare National Senate Call-In Day

Join with other Indivisibles from across the country to make our voices heard in the Senate. Call Senators Cruz and Cornyn (both part of the Senate AHCA working group) and demand that they oppose any ACA replacement that:

  • Hasn’t been scored by the CBO
  • Reduces the number of Americans covered by health insurance
  • Doesn’t preserve protections for pre-existing conditions
  • Cuts Medicaid funding

You can find scripts here.

Cruz – DC: (202) 224-5922

Austin: (512) 916-5834

San Antonio: 210-340-2885

Cornyn – DC: (202) 224-2934

Austin: (512) 469-6034

San Antonio: 210-224-7485

Houston: (713) 572-3337

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