We will be hosting or participating in several ACA vigils Wednesday (3/22) evening across the district.

In San Antonio, a group will be meeting in Milam Park across from The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio – https://www.facebook.com/events/387753121605023/

In Austin, a group will be meeting in front of Brackenridge Hospital – https://www.facebook.com/events/313411945728415/

And in Kerrville, a group will be meeting at the Kerr County courthouse – https://actionnetwork.org/events/vigil-for-affordable-healthcare-in-kerrville

We hope to see you at one of these!

5 thoughts on “San Antonio, Austin, and Kerrville ACA vigils

  1. For many of us, Wednesday night is usually a church night making it difficult to attend these meetings. I encourage you to consider other days of the week so we, liberal Christians,
    can attend. (Yes, we exist!)


    1. We’ll note that – this particular event is part of a statewide effort that is happening on the night before the vote. We hate that you will miss it but hope you can make it to some of our other events!


    1. That’s right – Lamar Smith’s office is an awful place for a protest, so we’re moving to some place with higher visibility.


  2. As you visit the area around University Medical Center Brackenridge, please assist us in our mission by remaining on the public sidewalks around the building and keeping access to our doors and to Hospital Drive between Red River and 15th clear. This way patients, visitors and EMS can continue to have immediate access to the hospital. Thanks!


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