What an inspiring day yesterday was! A week ago I had a conversation with the executive director of the Travis County Democratic Party. She told me they were hoping for 5k-7k people at today’s march in Austin. According to the Austin Police Department, 50,000 showed up. San Antonio, where a march was just added in the last week or so, had over a thousand people.

Similar numbers were seen all over the country. In DC, 200k people were expected; 500k showed up. In LA, 80k were expected; organizers are saying 750k showed up. 75k were expected in Chicago; 250k showed up. 100k people showed up in Portland, another 100k in Seattle.

These numbers echo our experience here at TX21Indivisible. I started this group less than 3 weeks ago, inviting 10-20 friends; today we added our 600th member, with people hailing from every part of the district. What I have seen in the last few weeks is that we are ready to do something about the direction our country has gone in, and we are ready to start right here, in the 21st district, by holding Lamar Smith, Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn accountable.

Today’s numbers are inspiring. But they’re not enough, because they’re just today. If we really want to produce change, we have to commit to showing up over and over again in the coming months and years. I passionately believe that if we can do that, keep showing up again and again and again, that we and the other similar groups springing up across the country will have an enormous impact.

We are a little different from other political groups you may be affiliated with. You won’t get emails from us asking for urgent financial donations (we’re all volunteer!), or to sign our low-impact online petitions. We’re after something different – what we need is some of your time. Of course, everybody has to decide how much of that most precious resource they can dedicate – but even if you can just commit to calling Lamar Smith’s offices a couple of times a week it will have an impact. If you want to get more involved in helping us create a network of resistance here in the 21st district, then we also have a number of volunteer roles that we need help with.

Whatever the level of involvement you want to take on, it would be tremendously helpful to us if you would take a moment and fill out our intake survey ( This will help us coordinate our activities and know how and when you would like to be contacted by us.

I want to extend a personal thank you to each of you for being here and showing up. Let’s go out and change the world.